We will support you in the best way we can

At Billings Long Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on our employees mental health support. 

Office Dogs

Every Friday is Bring-Your-Dog-To-Work-Day!
We invite our employees to bring their four-legged, barking, furry friends into the office for a cuddle! 

Allowing Australian communities to thrive

We sponsor children in Australia, financially assisting them to complete primary and secondary schooling.

Recycling for the future

We try to utilise all of our waste materials to the best of our abilities.  We believe our commitment to sustainability can make a difference for the future.

Continuous growth 

We believe that growth never ends. That's why we welcome every opportunity to learn, inspire and create. 

Fun social events

We believe in rewarding our employees for their hard-work and efforts, we also believe events are a great way to assist team bonding. Translating to fantastic team work and high morale.